Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eva's Zeitmaschine - back to the early 2000s!

Achtung, this is going to be a massive art dump now. And there will also be ein bisschen German because back in those days I had keine Ahnung that one day I would live in an english speaking country and completely switch my Sprache!

The early 2000s were highly influenced by Gothic & Metal, Manga & Anime and you can tell that clearly by the style I had back then:

This is how I wished I'd look like
This is how I really looked like
It was also a very exciting and inspiring time for me because I was convinced that my friend Ellen and I would get rich and famous with our comic "Karanest". We put SO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT in it!!! I blatantly ignored my (now ex-) boyfriend and scribbled secretly at work, we were obsessed, we fought over our characters and had many good laughs all along. Only to find out a few years later that our lives have changed and become too busy to ever finish this EPIC comic... So, the majority of the following pictures will be characters, scribbles and other stuff connected with "Karanest".

Hope you enjoy! :)

The first page of the comic. Unfortunately, the only one that made it to a final stage. The rest was hundreds of pages of storyboard and scribbles.

Karanest is the name of the castle and setting for parts of the story. It's built on a little island and connected with the main land with a large bridge. I was inspired by my travels to Brittany, the rugged coast and the ruins and megalithic monuments.

This is Vivlest von Karanest. One of the main characters. He's the Earl of Karanest. Spoilt, rebellious and proud, he inherited the castle, land and many riches by the early death of his parents. 

This is Vivlest as a child. Cute, isn't he? 

But somehow he also inherited a dark family secret and finds himself as the target of other nobles of surrounding countries! So Vivlest starts a rebellion and goes on a murder spree.

Oh, and he's in a love/hate relationship with his sassy cousin Safira. 

Safira is a falconer! She's cool!

Her outfit was inspired by merovingian age. Obviously there's a strong connection with me joining the Reenactment group around the same time  :P

This is Arek von Mallenstein. He's the son of one of Vivlest's enemies and the narrator of the whole tale. The comic is written from his point of view. Maybe because he was one of the few survivors :D

Arek is a musician and a bit of a dreamer. Safira hates musicians and dreamers!

This is Cilistra. She's Vivlest's lovely twin sister. 

Klantyre von Karanest is Safira's mother, Vivlest's aunt and a member of the high council. 

This was a "teaser" for the comic =P
On the left we have Lutes, he's an officer in Karanest's army and an advisor of Vivlest.
In the middle is Vivlest's arch enemy: Fandres von Ymh. He wants power and he wants it now!
Arek again on the right.
Yeah, this totally looks like a Karanest Boy Group poster!!

Look, Lutes is going to behead his horse! :P 

Scribbles for the comic

Scribbles for the comic

And here are some other drawings that I did, mostly sketches from places I've visited, some costume design and some museum artworks for a stone age exhibition.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dug up from the vaults...

It can be a dangerous practice, this digging in the vaults looking for old work. I guess over the decades I must have incinerated more than I thought, there being only a few stragglers left to escape retribution.
It seems in the preceding years the rate I used work to keep me warm, barely exceeded the rate at which I produced it. However I do seem to have one or two left over... 

Surprisingly I discovered some old disposable pen drawings, their paper now brown with age and brittle to the touch. Low cost materials have a short shelf life.. even though these lay at the bottom of a drawer out of light and sight, the paper had seriously degraded and the ink had faded considerably, these two ink scribbles are about twentyfive years old, everything back then being drawn from the imagination just like the landscape above and the following ... a very early comic sketch, the rest of which is now lost. Twentyfive years ago the low cost technology I use today to record and store almost every piece of work was yet to be created..

Well, hopefully I have improved, but you know everything has got to start somewhere :) Here's an old watercolor, from about fifteen years ago, one of the first I did where I actually tried to capture a real landscape rather than an imaginary one..

..and after this I discovered dry pastels, which I stayed at for many years as they were the fastest medium I could find at the time.With these chalks you could literally pour out landscapes. Here are some produced about ten years ago..

You will have to excuse the photos which I took only today, of the bulk of the work produced these are the only survivors due to the fact that they were framed, another expensive practice, which for most of the time, in days gone by was an unaffordable excercise..

Right about now I am happy to use anything as a medium, ink, pencils, pastels, paint, burnt sticks, I don't mind. I still depend heavily on lowcost disposable pens and recycled paper. I have learned to keep the quality stuff for the finished work only. It was interesting to take this trip down memory lane it made me realize that I have been trying to come to grips with the process of making art for over three decades and have created more work than I can remember... all that work and I'm still none the wiser :)


The Islander Art anthology book; BLACK NIGHT, will be officially launched on Saturday May 17th, at 4.00 p.m. in the Franciscan Well on the South Mall in Cork City, Ireland.

The art book contains illustrative artwork from a large portion of Islander Art collective members including JG O'Donoghue, Eleanor Reilly, Kevin Gough, Mike Nolan, Marian Noone, Alan Corbett, Wayne O'Connor, Sara Otterstatter and Raul Fernandez.

A special Drink & Draw Cork will also be held after the book launch.

A 3D life

This week the islanders are taking a look back to work they did 10 years ago or so. So because of that I had a root around my old folders. There was alot of terrible stuff I tell you, but also alot of fun memories, hard learned lessons, and even some stuff that I still kind of like in their own way. Up till about 5 years ago I used to do 3D mostly, so that is the thing I will show focus on here.

First up, I did this one about 10 years, its pretty bad now looking at it but was great fun at the time; playing with flying cameras, specular highlights, lighting and texturing. Was like being master of a whole 3 dimensional world!

Another piece from a year or two later than the last, this one a 3D interactive presentation of internal organs. 0oo0 xray vision!

Myself and fellow Islander, Richard Smythe, made this phone for a competition in our final year of our BA. He did the concept art, myself the 3D. I still like the design of the phone, the keypad didnt work out so well though :P

Used to be mad into Modelling anatomy back around then too. Still remember the anatomy I studied and realised in 3D today, but Im not a master of anatomy yet by a long shot of course!

A series of head sculpts I did for my masters. I still really like the fairies, some of the Islanders may remember that way back then, when Drink & Draw started, I was mad into my fairies. I used not sketch anything but fairies as they were just so much fun, and they were even better fun to sketch in 3D too!

I even did a comic in 3D! There is a reason why people dont do 3D comics though, because its too fecking hard!

Since then I havent done much 3D. I always plan to go back and probably will at some stage in the future. I haven't forgotten how to use the programs etc, would be fun trying again with what I know how, to see what I could come up with. Now that I have had a chance to look over these old pieces, I think even in drawing, the aspects are still there in my artwork, like an intuitive sense of 3 dimensional space, even when working in 2D. Other things like painting, textures, light, surface specularity, anatomy, camera angles, composition, character design etc I  broke my teeth on in 3D first and are all still with me since then, even when working with mostly traditional tools these days. Even the way I approach drawing or think about it and its various processes I think there is elements that are influenced by my 3D days, so its has been an important part of my art life and story.

Right thats my trip down memory lane, I hope ye all had fun looking at my old stuff, really looking forward to seeing some of the other islanders stories in the next week!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Discarted mascot for an App


long time without posting... in fact I´m actually quite bussy!! so I´ve been searching something ramdom to post and I found this XD. It is (as the title says) a discarded mascot design for a mobile app I was working a pair of months ago, I liked the desgin but finally the looking of the app was other.

Anyway I liked pretty much this design. Maybe if someday the app is released I will show you the final design. Time will say.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Rob Anybody

This started off as a small sketch and ended up as... this, took about 10 hours all in all cos hair is bloody hard.

In case you don't know this is Rob Anybody, leader of the Nac Mac Feegle also known as the Wee Free Men.

Characters from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, I'm a bit of a fan, you may have noticed.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

White Blossom Tree on Youghal Road, Midleton

Painted this over two days during the week, outdoors by the side of a fairly busy road on the outskirts of Midleton, the nearest town.  It was a good experience.  I had worked off photo reference before when painting trees and found they cannot capture the 3 D nature of them.  Working from real life, I got to see what parts were closer than others much better.  For those parts, I thickened those areas using layers of white paint to give a slight impasto result.  On the second day I was worried a bit about the weather breaking but thankfully when it did, it was light and I was almost finished.  It was good to meet a few interested passersby too.  A total of 11 hours spent on this.