Tuesday, November 5, 2013



unlike last month, this one I will have more work to share in isalnderart. Here comes the first post.

At the end of the summer I´ve been asked to collaborate as a miniature modeler and designer for war table games.

Although not having so much time I try to advance on this work bit a bit.

This is my first design, a non official version of an Eldar Seer ( bassed on warhammer 40.000).


  1. Love this piece, I used be a big fan of the 40k universe and all the resulting art in the 80s, I think your figure captures the atmosphere very well.

  2. Great Stuff Raul! Yeah, this could easily grace the official 40k books!

  3. thanks!! I also like the warhammer universe and concept art, but the game plus painting miniatures was a time stealer. Many of my firends earn a lot of time in this hobby. I enjoyed with the videogames (dawn of war) and the quotes of the space marines XD

  4. Awesome design Raúl! Love the costume especially!