Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Islander Illustrated Anthology - Sketch

Sketch of one of the illustrated panels from my contribution to the upcoming Islander Arts - Black Night collection of illustrated works. I studied classical animation and still favour using blue or red col-erase pencils to sketch with. I used to ink over my sketches at one time and hated erasing the looser sketch lines underneath which usually were more expressive than the inked versions. I love my light box, which allows me to ink over my sketches on a separate sheet of paper so I can keep both versions.


  1. nice! I too think blue pencil is one of the nicest looking sketch mediums. Never works for myself but I always love what people like yourself can do with it.

  2. Lovely sketch, I used to love using the blue pencil when I was in animation school too but Im too lazy to get more, I saw your finished work on the dropbox and it is fantastic inking