Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cadaver Cast Study

Myself and some of the other Islanders, along with friends, went to study medical casts and models of cadavers recently. The above is my result and what it was was an actual cast of a persons head and showed the expression muscles of the face, rather than other muscles, e.g. chewing muscles.

Its been ages since I properly studied anatomy, I think anatomy is one of those things you should study every few years intensively and then spend the rest of the time letting it become unconscious and just part of your automatic thinking process and practice. And as Kevin said on the day, nothing beats drawing the thing in 3D, only so much learning from books and the like can do, I look forward to going back to do a few more sessions in the future.


  1. Shame I missed this, looks class!

    1. ya twas very informative! Everytime I draw a figure now I remember something from the experience