Friday, December 13, 2013

Red Cloud

 20 x 12 digitally painted disposable pen sketch

I've been doing a bit of reading lately about the history of some
of the original North Americans. Usually I like to sketch out something
related to what I am perusing so I have done a quick rendering of Red Cloud,
a Sioux war leader who took charge of the allied indian forces from 1866
 to 1868 in their campaign against the Bozeman trail and Fort Phil Kearny.
Afterward Red Cloud became a champion of peace and an able and 
unscrupulous politician who always managed to stay on top despite 
endless government policy changes.


  1. Jesus Kev you're the only posting lately, nice work man, the native american history is always sad to read, if ya feel like a good cry you should read black elk speaks :)

  2. Ah I havent heard of him, but sounds like I should have. Always been meaning to read more about the native Americans. Nice markmaking, especially in the hair