Thursday, January 23, 2014

Doggy Wog and Catty Wats

Hello all,
Just before the christmas I stuck up a pic of a dog I did, here it is to remind the forgetful amongst you
Which as before shows up the green much brighter than it actually is, anyway, I wanted to show it printed and framed, and the cats that I followed it up with in the same style

YA! isn't that sexy, anyway, onto cats!

Introducing Knight and Priest, the black cats, Knight is at the back. This took an absolute age to do cos of all the little strokes.

Anyway, enjoy pet lovers :D


  1. Man o man these are breathtaking! I hadnt seen the cats before, I can imagine they taking ages alright but brillantly executed dude!

    1. Thanks man, the cats are new and took about 10 hours altogether which is fine for a painting, but for a simple ink pic its crazy talk CRAZY

    2. ah beautiful inking takes ages, just look at your man Bernie Wrightson, his work would always take ages! so crazy is good, GOOD!