Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sketches for a client

A few months ago I was asked to do an illustration for the NRA Seminar 'Fragments of Lives Past, it was of an early Bronze Age building found in the French Furze townland in Kildare. Below are the sketches I did for the piece. 

Previous to these I had done sketches of different buildings and entrances but here ill focus on composition sketches. The first set of sketches was to decide which direction to view the site plan/settlement. Personally I would have gone with the first, for artistic reasons, but the client chose the 2nd as he felt it illustrated the site better.

Then it was to decide which angle to view the site, from a higher or more level viewpoint. The Client chose the first, the more level viewpoint

And above is the final result, drawn and inked!


  1. Nice details, I'm sure the client was very happy with their choice of illustrator. :)

  2. Thanks Eleanor! Well I was happy with his choice anyway ;)