Friday, January 24, 2014

The sound of hoof beats cross the glade...


Time for another islander caricature!, I made Dubliners form ireland and now it is time for the English one. King Richard IV (Brian Blessed)  and Edmund Prince of Edinburgh (Rowan Atkinson) from the BBC series "The Blackadder".

Last time I went to England, we spent many nights watching it, I remember the chapter of "Spanish infanta" where the really ugly infanta of Spain wanted to join Edmund  in a marriage of convenience.
As a Castilian, It was funny seeing that actress speaking Spanish with english accent and gesticulating as an Italian. But at least they guessed one thing, one of the two current infantas of Spain is known to be really ugly ( the other one is allegedly corrupt, but that´s another story).

Anyway is a pleasure to see the nice characterization of the actors and actresses from the serie.



  1. Brilliant! I always thought the first Blackadder, the medieval one, was the best of the series. Great likeness man, and great choice of gesture for both!

  2. Now I have the epic music of the ending playing all the time in my head, it is not bad at all anyway.

  3. I cant remember an end tune but the theme song for the first blackadder was brillant.

    Looking at youtube, is this the tune your talking about?

    1. yes, definitely XD... tataaaa tatatatatataaaaaaaa!! (trumpets)

  4. Oh man, Jon is way off, the first series of Blackadder was awful, the following series were fantastic though, they just lacked the always awesome Brian Blessed. Fantastic caricature though man, you really captured the characters