Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eastern Sky At Sunset From The Strand Field Cliff

The location for this view is just over 100m South from my house near Garryvoe Beach, at the edge of a field.  The view is looking east towards Knockadoon.  The occasion was one of those rare events where the Eastern sky reflected the setting sun opposite it in glorious colours.   I used a fair few colours I don't normally use, the blues in particular were quite complicated mixes of Ultramarine Blue, Process Cyan and Fluorescent Blue.  The central peach coloured band was a mix of Naples Yellow, Vermillion Red with a pinch of Burnt Sienna to darken it slightly.  The lone figure on the strand on the left is one of those rare occasions where I put a human figure in a landscape.  I thought it'd be a good measure of scale against the vast sky and sea.  Stubbles from a recently cut crop of barley are in the field on the left.


  1. spectacular as always man, sunsets must be glorious out there!

  2. Fantastic work man, very impressive, I love the tiny human paling in comparison to nature scene but still being a part of it