Tuesday, June 10, 2014



This time I´m writing about one of the last caricatures I´ve done. People in facebook who have followed my new illustration account, have been able to follow a little poll about which famous characters would they like to see cartooniced.

translation: You decide, who would you like me to portray?,
actors, artists, famous people, athletes, politicians, celebrities...
coment, share and I will portray the most voted one 

more than 50 people voted, I did not expect so many people participating on this so I can consider a success as a strategy to promote myself (so I will do another one in a future).

The point is that most of the participants were spanish (or basque depending their self determination XD) and the character who got the most votes was a spaniard as well, who is very famous in this country but maybe not as famous out there... so I found a great chance to show to the islanders something about my country that probably you will not find in books or turistic guides about spain...


Jordi Hurtado is the TV presenter of a Show called "Saber y Ganar" (Know & Win, in English), this show is famous for his large amount of programs, actually it has reached the 4.000 chapters and has spent continuously since 1997. Another aspect of this quiz is that the questions are extremely difficult and the awards are much more austere comparing to another TV shows from spain, whose audience strategies are more innovative but not as effective as Jordi´s TV show. We could talk about a TV living fossil that the time cannot change.

Because all of this, Jordi has become a popular icon in spain that has given rise to many urban legends and loads of memes around his inmortality, in fact this man does not seem to age over the years...

The original one: a vampire? a cyborg? rasputin?... who knows.... 
So that´s all, hope you have met this post interesting, most of times this kind of local jokes and humour are the most dificult aspects to show to outherns.



  1. lol cool, I didnt know Spanish TV presenters were so EVIL! I should watch Spanish TV then ;) Nice little caricature , especially like the eerie-ness

    1. don´t worry I think there is not to many worthy things to see on spanish television XD. At least seeing this "retro show" you can learn something... cultivated people is not well paied in this country

    2. well you can also think, cultivated people in this country deals with vampires, cyborgs and other inmortal stuff...

    3. lol nice! I always wanted to live in a country where it was dominated by vampires, cyborgs and other immortal beings ;)

  2. I don´t know if there are any of them dominating, I only can say that actually we are changing our king, he gave up a week ago after 36 years of caterings handshakings, yacht sailing and safari hunting. There are no supernatural aspects on him... but hey!, he had acuracy with his elder brother (accidentally dead) and with an elephant a couple of years ago before breaking his whip... lets see how the son´s doing, it seems that a republic is not a choice XD...

    1. lol cool, I had heard about the change of King. Perhaps this one, will be properly supernatural ;)