Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Recently, for a laugh, I did this short comic strip.  A little collaboration with a friend Andrew Judge  based on some ideas I've been kicking around. This is very much a trial run, there's lots that could still be fixed/tweaked in terms of the drawings etc I basically haven't drawn a comic since some efforts in my teens and this was a kick start personal project..

Each page was sketched in Painter (i love its pencil tools) very roughly and then inked over in Photoshop. I had a rough layout idea for each page scribbled on a sketchpad but re sized and moved things around in the software once i started.  The Script was a panel by panel break down but with Andrew's okay, i altered the layout, condensed or got rid of some panels in places to suit and aimed at 3-4 pages maximum.
The characters were never really designed, i just drew them as i needed when i got to the particular panel(except the girl, Andrew provided me with a reference pic for her). In retrospect, I've done a bunch more designs and explored versions of these guys and other characters and also tinkered with some alternate styles to the art. The inking is a bit rough and ready but to be honest i didn't want to linger too long on it as i had other things i needed to work on and this was just a side project.  Andrew has had some further ideas on character backgrounds (they now even have names :) and stuff based off of this short, so the hope is to expand on this once off and flesh out both the story, characters and setting.

The Lettering was done by Andrew and really gives it a nice and professional sheen in my opinion. He likewise was using this as an opportunity to explore lettering and collaborate and i think hes done a great job. In terms of Storytelling visually, I'm happy enough with it though there was room to be a bit more dynamic maybe and the leap from the Big brawl image on Page 3 to the Denouement on Page 4 might be a bit abrupt? Page 3 and 4 are probably my favorites in term of layout etc. Backgrounds were kept minimal. I was basically wary that i'd stop drawing this, push it aside and not return to it for weeks/months etc so I didnt want to linger too long doing detailed backdrops etc and it also probably is the excuse for some drawing fixes being overlooked! But hey, it was fun!


  1. Nice work man, simple and effective and funny :)

  2. nice man! Good sequential storytelling! I would have to agree with you on the abrupt change from 3 to 4 but overall I really like the style and execution