Monday, June 2, 2014

Themed week: AFTER MAN


If I have to talk about the first art influences in my life, there was nothing more engaging to me than dinosaur and animal books. I started drawing dinosaurs and animals earlier than nothing, and in an alternative future I could be dedicated to the world of paleontology and zoology instead of illustration, art etc... In fact until 12 years I was still hesitating between the two avocations.

The book I´m introducing today is maybe a perfect mixture of these two worlds, and the prove that scientifical illustration doesn´t have to lack "creativity" or "fantasy" on it... (I´ve the book but not a camera near here, so I will do an internet research XD)

the castilian version of the book.
As the title says, this book is about the zoology we maybe could meet after the man was gone in 50 milions of years of evolution. His autor is the scottish paleontologist  Dougal Dixon .

nice work Dougal!!

The Dougal dixon is the designer of the creatures you can meet in the book, inspired in evolutive hypothesis. He is not a efficient illustrator, but he sculpts the creatures as a hobby. To make the book better Dougal surroundeed himself with many illustrators: Diz Wallis, John Butler, Brian McIntyre, Philip Hood, Roy. Woodard and Gary Marsh.

This is the result:



  1. another great suggestion! Definitely very inventive ways of displaying their subject!

  2. Very nice, I love those kind of books and pictures