Monday, June 2, 2014

Themed Week: Books of Inspiration

Greetings, I'm one of the newbies to this site, Ann Harrison. 
When the suggestion that we post about books that have influenced us was raised My first thought was, that's a great idea! And then thought, but I can't choose just one... So....this is a short list of the books which I feel have made the most impact on my artistic style and practice. 

As you can see from the photo I have a lot of Movie art books :) while these are all excellent and full of inspiring work I'm going to draw attention to some of my more thought provoking books. 

The Stanfield Lectures vol 1&2
These were published not that long ago, and in reality I'd say it's very difficult to read from cover to cover. It's more of a read a few entry's at a time and then spend a few days thinking about it as you draw. The two volumes made a massive difference to me and I felt really improved the way I constructed characters and drawings alike. Well worth the time :)

Comix buro, assorted artists sketchbooks, found these in the Dublin Forbidden planet, normally printed in French :) each one is full to bursting with beautiful inspiring sketches and paintings by various comic artists.

Scott McClouds Understanding comics, trilogy. (The third one is missing from the photo as it's on loan to a friend at the moment.) these are inspiring reads, whether you agree with his view point or not.

"Force" Character design from Life drawing by Mathew Mattesi. Another one that really helped in my use of the life drawing I'd been doing. 

The Animators Survival kit by Richard Williams.
My degree was in Animation and Illustration and this is the book I wish he published a few years earlier! It came out as we completed the degree and it is just full of wonderful and clearly written examples of why it works and how to animate well. 

I could probably ramble for a good while longer but I'm distracted enough by looking over my books, I'm going to go read some of them now :)



  1. I got the animators survival kit when I was studying animation, fantastic book if a bit intimidating in it's tome like nature :)

  2. I read Animators survival Kit & Scott Mclouds books, both great reads! Definitely most reads of an Illustrator even if your not doing those two mediums. This Stanfield Lectures vol 1&2 though, sounds good, do you know where one could get it? As amazon doesnt seem to list it and its always good to save possible good reads for future possibilities

  3. Whenever i see pictures like this i try zoom in to get all the titles :) Great collection!