Sunday, June 1, 2014

Themed Week - The Flights of Icarus

I have a book called The Flights of Icarus, published by a company called Paper Tiger in 1977. One of my uncles (I can't remember which, I have a lot) gave it to me when I was about 5 or 6, so the late eighties. I have gone through it many... many times, because it is awesome.

A collection of fantasy and sci fi art from some very famous artists.

As they say in France "le cover"

We shall begin at the beginning

or more accurately, Tricycles

Seriously, how gorgeous is that, and as if that wasn't enough, we get butts too!

and a Flamingo

But wait, I hear you cry, what about a Conan type character about to lop the head from an awesome snake guy with a hot chick tied to him while an evil wizard and his pet baboon lurks in the background!

Well you have some attitude Mister! and we got that too.

Michael Kaluta everyone or as he is more appropriately known, the God of Awesome

The following is from the pages of an artist named Ian Miller and I have long envied his ability to squeeze highly detailed inks into a small panel and still achieve huge depth

I'm not jealous of this

But wait once more you bellow in a mellifluous manner, what about Giant Cosmic Space Snails bent on the slimy destruction of tiny space ships!

Hang on, I retort with growing concern for your apparent psychic abilities and don a tin foil hat I always keep handy... for just such an emergency.

...this exists

It is as this point that I'm beginning to grow weak at the knees with an overwhelming sense of inferiority, especially when, as I always do, I remember that every picture in this book, is done by hand... no tricks... no computers... just paint.

My career

All jokes aside, I wish I could show every picture in this thing, it is huge and epic and I love it. I have spent a significant amount of time pouring over it and trying to figure out how these guys achieved this stuff and just enjoying it.

It has influenced me since I was a kid, so I hope you like it, I don't even know if it is in print anymore, but you would be lucky to get it if you could.

Now... back to work!


  1. Looks like one of the things Rodney Matthews used to be involved in? Always been a huge fan of his :)

    1. I know what you mean, so I checked to make sure, his name isn't in there

    2. well, good stuff regardless!

  2. Man fantastic art all round! I especially like this Ian Miller's work, so thanks for the introduction! Looks like a book worthy of such long term devotion!

    1. I figured you might like the Ian Miller stuff :) we should call you ink boy from now on, ALL IN FAVOUR, approved, welcome to islander art ink boy

    2. lol here! here! Wholeheartedly agree with such a name ;)